Safety & ERC

As well as Jobtrac+, Ubitrac also run other products for the NHS, Educational Travel and white label products for a number of like-minded partners.

All products are backed by our dedicated 24/7 Emergency Response Centre (ERC). The ERC has been running without a break since September 2013, a fact of which we are incredibly proud.

The ERC is managed and predominantly staffed, by former RAF personnel, recruited from nearby RAF bases. They are continually trained to ensure the best care for our clients.

We developed and built the ERC from scratch, as we were unable to find anyone to outsource this costly overhead to who we considered offered the level of service that we required for our clients.

The ERC is dedicated to looking after the unique and ever changing needs of the Worlds mobile phone users. We do not and will not compromise on our client’s safety by multi-tasking – looking after vehicles, building, plant, CCTV etc. as our competitors do.

All emergency calls into the ERC are answered within 5-8 seconds, activating a virtual conference room. Our highly trained Controllers can instantly see who is calling, their location, their organisations escalation procedure along with the caller’s vehicle and medical details (if submitted).

Where necessary, we can bring the emergency services into the conference call to initiate a suitable response.

In reality, the main usage of the ERC is for users who are uncomfortable with their situation at that point i.e. last out of a building, having to negotiate a car park in the dark. In short, if a user is spooked, they can call in and our Controller will stay on the phone until they arrive at their destination or vehicle.

Whilst we are not able to prevent an attack, in a worst case scenario, we know who you are, where you are and that you have an issue. We are then able to inform the emergency services.

This provides critical peace of mind for users and their families. This has been particularly successful with Nurses in the NHS and Domiciliary Care sectors.

Our Controllers constantly monitor the Worlds newswires looking for incidents that may harm or hinder our clients. In these situations, we put in place an electronic Exclusion Zone, any handset in the zone when set or subsequently entering that zone is sent a message warning of the danger and where possible offered recommended solutions. These zones are used to alert our clients to any incidence from international terrorism right down local traffic problems.

All calls to the ERC are recorded and can be used as evidence of physical assault, verbal assault and increasingly a threat of litigation. This has been used on multiple occasions in the NHS.