Working with several NHS Trusts, it became obvious that Lone Worker protection was constrained due to budgetary constraints. Working together, we set about identifying areas where efficiency tools could be built into the Lone Worker device in order to generate a return on investment greater than the deployment and running costs.

The result is a solution that can save 5-6 hours per user per week.

Many of the features are included as standard in Jobtrac+, several are only available as part of our "Agile" add on.

Voice to Text: Turns the smartphone into a powerful Dictaphone which will upload your voice recording and then transcribe them into text. Recordings are retained for checking and the text is fully editable online allowing you to cut and paste into a document or user platform.

Photo and Video upload: Photos taken through Jobtrac + are uploaded to our servers and are associated with the location they were taken in. To enhance information Governance, media is auto deleted from the phone as soon as it hits the Jobtrac+ servers.

Text and audio captions can be added to media.

Video can only be uploaded via WiFi to avoid bill shock.

Snap Map: Ideal for proof or attendance as well as being an innovative addition for presentation of quotes, maintenance charges etc. You can select a time determined section of mapping, including media, and send just that section of the mapping to multiple email addresses.

Messaging: 256 AES encrypted messaging can be used for one to one, one to team and one to all. Jobtrac+ messaging is only available to people within your organisation, this prevents messages being sent outside of your organisation by mistake.

Search: Search for the closest person to an address with the necessary skills, provides distance from and ETA and enables admin to enter a message. When received, the user taps on "go to" which fires up their phones sat nav and takes them to the address.

Status: Enables users to hide their location from colleagues etc. when off duty but still enjoy the protection of the Emergency Response Centre 24/7.

MDM: Jobtrac+ provides basic Mobile Device Management such as remote wipe, remote lock, status reporting etc. within the standard portal. We are able to provide full MDM upon request.


Schedule: Users can download their daily schedule onto their smartphone, this is 128 AES encrypted if screen lock is invoked.

Intelligent routing: We use intelligent routing to determine the most efficient route. Users can drag and drop the order to account for time dictated visits.

Intelligent appointment allocation: Avoids sending a user to an appointment who does not have the necessary skills.

Key safe code: Particularly helpful for the community health sector, when key safes are used, the code is shown on the handset only when the user it at the premises, inside a pre-set Geofence.

Auto Amber Alert: Creates an amber alert automatically before every appointment (see amber alert in Lone Worker protection).